Are you sporty and want to keep fit even on holiday?

Borgo Grondaie offers you the possibility to train outdoors and keep fit with professional instructors whenever and however you want. You will be able to keep fit dipped into the a safe and funny way.

The wide spaces of Borgo Grondaie allow you to keep safe distances and the beauty of nature with peace and silence will be the perfect setting for your training.

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You can ask us for a Personal Trainer to follow you in the disciplines you prefer. We recommend Pilates and Functional so that you can train in a complete way and free yourself from stress and sedentariness.

Pilates is a discipline that improves posture, tones muscles and, when practiced outdoors, has a relaxing effect on body and mind. It is recommended for those who suffer from back pain and for those who want to improve balance. For those who practice a sedentary life, it is definitely a good start to tone the body and back.

Functional is a brand new workout that is based on the body's movements and is therefore practiced in a free body. A complete workout that can also be practiced outdoors with a professional trainer will follow you step by step. It includes, if done in a training gym, the use of equipment such as rope, kettlebell, weights, medical balls, etc..

Both sports are recommended to relieve stress, improve mood and regain a psychophysical balance as well as strengthen the immune system.

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Keep fit during your holiday, and if you are interested in booking a personalized training session, please contact us: visit our website where you can add the personal trainer lesson directly to your booking.

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