Tourist tax in Italy: how much?

If you are planning your holiday in Italy, it is definitively worth to find out more about the Tourist tax. What is it about City Tax in Italy? When is it due? Knowing in advance how much it is applied to your stay is important in order to avoid any bad surprised at check out.

The Tourist tax is a local tax that has been introduced to visitors in Italy from 2011. It is applied to all kind of accommodations: hotel, camping, B&B, agriturismo, residence and hostel both in towns and countryside. The cost of Tourist tax is vary and depending on the accommodation’s star rating. This means that if you have booked a 3 Star Hotel you will pay less than in a 5 Star hotel.

Moreover it is difficult to say exactly how much it would cost, because it is vary from one location to another. Venice, Florence, Milan and Rome and all tourist art cities, are generally more expensive than smaller town such as Siena. In Siena the Tourist Tax has different cost depending on the season.


How much is tourist tax in Italy – Hotel Borgo Grondaie

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Are there any discount for Family?

Yes, there are. Tourist tax in Siena is not applied for children under 12 years old. So if you are a party of 4 travelling with 2 children under 12 only the two adults are applied.


Tourist tax in Siena is due for a maximun of 6 nights in the same month. This means that if you stay for 10 days at Borgo Grondaie you won’t pay for the remaining 4 nights.


  • Children under 12
  • People who are coming to Siena for medical reasons (therapies at Hospital)
  • People who have to assist relatives or friends in Hospital
  • Parents with hospedalised children (not applied to both parents)
  • Disable people (not applied to the helper)
  • Bus Drivers and Group Leaders
  • People living inside the Siena District.
  • Firemen and Policemen working in Siena for special events.
  • University students coming to Siena for studying or working reasons

If you think you are on this list you can ask the reception for the special Form and the tourist tax will not be applied to you.

Last but not less important. Due to not updated Hotel Programs many hotels in Italy are asking to pay the Tourist Tax only in cash. Here at Borgo Grondaie we rather get paid cash but if you can’t we accept also credit cards. Should you need more information do not hesitate to contact us back

Enjoy your holiday in Italy!

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