How to pay toll roads in Italy

Often, tourists and visitors, when arriving in Italy, find difficulties with our roads and they do not know how to pay toll roads in Italy. So Borgo Grondaie, would like to help you and explain you our road rules.

First of all, there are 4 road types in Italy:

AUTOSTRADE (highway): that are marked with letter A and a number (ex. A1). The symbol is a green octagon.

STRADE STATALI (trunk road): that are marked with letters SS and a number (ex. SS1). The symbol is a blue rectangle.

STRADE REGIONALI (regional road): that are marked with letters SR and a number (ex. SR1). The symbol is a blue rectangle.

STRADA PROVINCIALE (provincial road): that are marked with letters SP and a number (ex. SP1). The symbol is a blue rectangle.

autostrada A4 Italia

How to Pay toll roads in Italy – Simbol for Highway



Getting to the trunk, regional and provincial roads is very simple! These roads do not require any fee to be paid and no particular procedure, just follow the directions to the destination. On the other hand, if you are getting to the highways you have to pay a toll.


Toll ticket

When you arrive to the highway entrance, there are some toll booths where you take a ticket that is issued by the auto machine. This ticket is important to get out of highway, so do not lose it! If you are not able to show the ticket at the exit, the top amount will be required. Toll booths are also at the exit of the highway

When you are at the exit in front of you, there are different lanes with different colors and it is important understand in which lane to go.

big card contanti

White lane: it is right for people that pay the toll with cash or magnetic cards (Self service boxes). The symbol is “coins”.

big card carte telepass

Blue lane: it is right for people that pay with magnetic card, viacard, bankomat and credit card. The symbol is “cards”.

big card contanti

Yellow lane / TELEPASS: this lane is reserved for TELEPASS customers (Telepass is a electronic tool that is connected to the bank and is placed in the car). To get out put your ticket into auto machine (or give it to the teller) and pay your toll.


The toll is calculated based on km routes, vehicle type and road features (plain or mountain). Below there is the link, that you can click, where it is possible to calculate your toll before leaving.

It is very easy! On the right enter your starting and arrival place and click “OK”.

Last but not less important: do not forget to ask the rental car company to set up your GPS in your language. We hope we gave you all the information you need about how to pay highways in Italy. Should you need more information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at

Have a nice trip!

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