Understanding italian Hand Gestures

A thing that every foreigner knows about italians is that we talk a lot with our hands. Infact while we are talking to someone we do hand gestures unconsciously, and of course they all have a meaning. If you want to come to Italy and use some of them, here’s a guide to Italian hand gestures.

Go away: This one is kinda rude and therefore only used with people you know very well. It can have also a sarcastic connotation, depending on what you say when you do it.

Look at that asshole: We use this one a lot, especially when driving, or when a car does not let us pass at a crosswalk. If you use this while making an angry face, it has the meaning mentioned before. If you do it with a happy face, it can mean that you have just seen something you like.

Alone: When you go somewhere by yourself you use this one to tell your friends that you were alone at that moment.

hand gestures

Understanding Italian hand gestures

Italian hand gestures

Let’s go: This one is very handy when you find yourself stuck in an uncomfortable situation and you want to leave. If you do this hand gesture, you don’t have to say anything with it, its meaning is pretty clear.

You shitted your pants: Has someone you know seen a scary movie, or has been in a frightful situation? You can use this one to mock them in a friendly way.

Go fuck youself: This one doesn’t need an explanation.

Forget it: This indicates something that doesn’t really matter, so it’s better to forget it.

Our staff at Borgo Grondaie will be very glad to give you other examples of Italian hand gestures. Come to Siena to practice them with us!

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