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If you are planning to get to Siena by car, it is important to know in advance  “Where you can park” and also “where free parking in Siena”.

This is especially important to avoid fines, very easy to get in italian towns and  very annoying when you are on holidays.

Like most of the Italian Cities, Siena has a ZTL area (limited traffic area)  which covers the entire historical center.

It’s  impossible, if not equipped with special permission or with a licensed taxi, to enter the centre with your own car.

The cameras are located everywhere in Siena and get the plate number.
Definitively you are not allowed to park in the Campo Square!

But no worries  …  distances in Siena are still very tight, so leaving the car outside the city walls means walking for about 10 minutes.

Just to give you an idea of distances: Borgo Grondaie  is located 1,5 kms away from Siena, you can park your car in our property and get to the city centre on foot in about 20 minutes

To reach more quickly and comfortably (some comes with escalators) all the  Monuments in Siena, you can park your car in the multi-storey car parks at the city gates:

Porta Tufi – Parking il Campo
Porta di Fontebranda – Parking Santa Caterina – escalator to Duomo Cathedral
Porta Ovile – Parking San Francesco – escalator to San Francesco Basilic
Porta San Marco – Parking il Duomo

But this top service is not free at all  and actually it is pretty expensive: Euro 2,00 per hour.

Stadio and Fortezza Parking Lot are free from 8 pm to 8 am.

Other paid parking spaces are located in the Stadium area . This is a car park when not used for sports events. Better to check in advance if there are any football matches otherwise the area is off limit for cars.

In addistion to this, the Medici Fortress and other parking lots along the street of San Prospero which is the road leading to the Stadium.

If you wish to spend a whole day in Siena parking your car in a paid parking becomes  considerably expensive!

For this reason we would like to recommend you, as we are locals, some lesser-known parks where you can leave your car safely and without incurring in fines.


    • 800 mt away from Campo square there is the  Porta Laterina Parking – you enter from Porta San Marco

    • on one side of the Medici Forteress there is the Campino Parking – pretty big and close to city centre

    • there is even a parking lot along the walls just outside  Porta Camollia (via Don Minzoni) or  a tiny parking in  San Prospero before the bar on the turning make a right.

    • Railway Station underground parking  (not the one inside the Commercial centre Porta Siena) it costs Euro 2 per day and then you can easily get buses to city centre

If you choose to leave your car on the road, watch out for the signs!

Some car parks are marked in blue as if they were paid but they are reserved parking for residents (ARU) and you need a special permission to park there.

However parking problem in Siena is easily solved  leaving your car outside the city walls, getting a bit further away and usind public transport.

Unlike many downtown hotels that do not have parking, Borgo Grondaie offers a large private parking. Moreover you can have the possibility to reach the center using public transport but also on foot in just 20 minutes.

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See you soon!

Borgo's Team