Getting to Florence from Siena

Do you want to go to Florence from Siena but you don’t know how to get there safe and sound? These two beautiful Tuscan cities are connected by different means of transportation. Cars, buses, trains, blablacar: we name it, you choose.

To Florence from Siena: below there’s a list of all the possible ways you can get to your destination. TRAIN: Siena and Florence are linked through regional trains. There are two different train rides: one which stops in Empoli, where you have to change your train (this journey takes nearly 2 hours); the non-stop one, taking 1 hour and half, which stops in many towns but you don’t have to change your train. Siena Station is well linked to every part of the city through the bus network and to the center thanks to the escalators inside the Porta Siena Mall, opposite of the Station. Tickets cost up to 9€ (

Florence 1

BUS: If you don’t have a car in Siena it’s one of the best options. Again, there are two types of buses linking Siena to Florence: FIRENZE RAPIDA (131R), which takes you to Florence in less than an hour, without stops; FIRENZE ORDINARIA (131O), taking up to 1 hour and 40 minutes and stopping in Colle Val d’Elsa and Poggibonsi. Check out SITABUS ( for further information. You can buy bus tickets in every newsagent / tabacco shop in town for 7,80€.

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CAR: If you have your own car or a rental, you just have to enter the “Raccordo Autostradale SI-FI” (75,5km) and in under an hour you will be in Florence. If you’re worried about parking, you can choose what best suits you between three different options: park it in Scandicci, very close to Florence, in the parking lot called “Villa Costanza”. You can take the tramway which in just 20 minutes will take you to the city center. Then there are the Santa Maria Novella Station parking lot and the one called “Fortezza da Basso”. ( Parking is quite expensive in Florence Euro 3/per hour.

BLABLA CAR: If you’re used to car sharing or if it’s the first time and you want to go to Florence and you’re tight on money, for under 5€ an amazing person will drive you to your desired destination.

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