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You find you are in the heart of Siena during your magical stay.

The city with its ancient walls and medieval beauty takes you back in time.

Siena is a unique city exactly because the years pass but its beauty is preserved, pure and

As you wander through the historic streets, there is an air of ancient memories, a treasure
chest of memories and memories that echo in the air of the city.

If you’re thinking on what to do in Siena during your stay, a perfect activity for an afternoon
in the city, if you want to browse the streets and do something a little more extemporaneous
than the classic sights to visit is to go in search of vintage and antique stores.

Siena as a city with strong ties to the past offers a wide selection of small shops, ateliers
and markets where you can buy clothes, gifts, books, vinyls etc.

If you are a passionate collector of antique collectibles, unique and unobtainable clothing
items Siena is the city for you!

We at Borgo Grondaie want to help you in your search with some suggestions.

Cose senza tempo by Fabrizio Filoni

Cose senza Tempo is a store of collectibles.

It is located at 106 Via Pantaneto, one of the main streets in the city of Siena known for its youthful atmosphere and many bars where cocktails and aperitifs can be enjoyed.

Pantaneto has always been a multicultural and avant-garde area; from nightlife for young people to ethnic food restaurants and antique & second-hand stores.

You can find all kinds of collectibles; tea sets, history texts, books, vinyls and CDs etc. at Cose Senza Tempo.

Just 5 minutes from Piazza del Campo, stopping even just to have a look is mandatory!!!

"My business Cose senza Tempo started in November 2011 from my passion for collecting. In the store you can find collectibles of various genres. Such as vinyl records, comic books, toys, advertising gadgets, signs and tin boxes, vintage postcards, medals, coins and everything about Siena Palio and Contrade."

Fabrizio Filoni

Cose Senza Tempo Siena

Galleria Novecento by Emanuele Pianigiani

For collectors and art lovers Galleria Novecento is absolutely not to be missed; jewelry,
glass and ceramics, unique furniture pieces and paintings in an elegant and beautiful store.

It is worth even just looking out for the beauty of the store that almost looks like an

Galleria Novecento is also located at 63 Pantaneto Street in the historic center.

If you’re searching for where to buy paintings and furniture pieces in Siena, other than
various vintage collectibles, this place is perfect for your needs!

Galleria Novecento

Aloe&Wolf. Vintage since 2004

A true milestone of vintage fashion in Siena.

Aloe & Wolf by Alessandra Aloe is a true fashion archive from the dawn of the 1900s until today.

Inside the store, located in a side street of Piazza del Campo in Via del Porrione 23, so in the beating heart of Siena you can find unique pieces in the history of fashion.

Very important signatures from Courrèges to Yamamoto, Schiaparelli and Prada.

A true Sienese excellence in the world of vintage fashion is increasingly important nowadays to rediscover the colors of the past and buy in a conscious and sustainable way.

The brand in addition to having a strategic store for its location in the heart of Siena is known and famous abroad precisely for its research and passion for unique high fashion garments.

An unmissable stop if you are looking for unobtainable vintage garments and accessories.

Aloe&Wolf Siena

Atelier second-hand store

Moving just outside the walls we are at Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 55, the street leading to the Siena train station.

At the intersection with traffic lights that connects Via don Giovanni Minzoni with Ravacciano, Porta Ovile and Via Giuseppe Garibaldi there is a Gelateria; the "Gelateria di Siena," next to it you will find a gate, entering you will find the Atelier; a real hidden gem of clothes, accessories and furnishing treasures all to be discovered.

The Atelier is spread over two floors, shoes, handbags, furnishing pieces and unique garments, ceremonial, but also traditional African, Chinese garments, kimonos with unique patterns etc.

A beautiful journey into the past, the Atelier is located next to one of the city's historic ice cream parlors.

After doing some healthy shopping, dedicate yourself a moment of sweetness to Siena's Gelateria.

Atelier second-hand store


After your afternoon spent strolling through the past we at Borgo Grondaie await you for some well-deserved relaxation!

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