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RECEPTION: reception is NOT open H24 so there will be some night hours where we will only be available by phone on +390577332539. Do not hesitate to call us for any problem!

SALTWATER POOL: is open from mid-May to mid-October (dates depend greatly on weather conditions) and is for the exclusive use of Borgo’s guests. Outsiders are not allow.
Pool towels are available free of charge at Reception on arrival. If you wish to change them, the cost is Euro 3 per towel. Pool rules are well exposed at the poolside. Here are some of our recommendations in respect of all guests.

- tie your hair before entering the pool;

- take a shower before entering the pool;

- do not dive: the pool water is only 1.40 cm high

- It is forbidden for children to use the pool alone. They have to be with an adult

- small children must wear special nappies before entering the water
- It is forbidden to eat in the pool to avoid attracting wasps and other dangerous insects, as well as to use  glasses. Plastic cups and canned drinks are available at the bar and can be used at the pool.

MOUNTAIN BIKES and E-BIKES: Our MTB Bikes (6 for adults and 2 for children) are available free of charge at the reception. E-bikes are for rent in cooperation with a local bike shop. The rental charge is Euro 40 per day. It is also possible to organise guided bike tours.

LAUNDROMAT: There are two washing machines and one tumble dryer available for our guests and it is open 24 hours a day. Tokens (Euro 3 each) and soap (Euro 0.50 per dose) can be purchased at reception.

BAR: is open daily for a coffee, a cocktail or a glass of wine from our wine cellar. Do not miss aperitif time... on the lawn or by the pool, wherever you like! Look at our picnic ideas too!

BARBECUE: a shaded area with a large table where tasty summer barbecues can be organised. Barbecue accessories are available at reception and must be returned after use. Pay attention to the fire and make sure that no glowing embers fall out.


HEATING: from November 8th to April 7th through centralised heating system. We advise you to leave the convectors on at all times, even when you are out of the house, so that you always find a constant temperature. If you feel hot, turn the temperature down to -.

PLAYGROUND: Next to the barbecue, there is a play area equipped with a table tennis and table football for children and adults. More board games and outdoor games are available at the reception.

PARKING LOT: is located within the property and it is free of charge and for the exclusive use of our guests. It is neither closed nor guarded.

BIKE SHELTER: garage closed overnight with small bike maintenance equipment and a washing area.

MASSAGES: you can relax with an Aroma body massage by experienced hands, alone or even in couple. Our masseur is available by appointment.

PIC-NIC: relaxation is also eating on the grass and enjoying nature. We can organise a picnic for a minimum of two people by prior arrangement, including a blanket, a basket, a bottle of wine and many good things to take with you on excursions or to enjoy on the Borgo's meadows.


: for flat guests, we ask that you take care to separate plastic/glass/aluminium on one side and undifferentiated waste on the other. The bags are two different colours so as not to be mixed up (white plastic/celeste for undifferentiated) the bags can be taken to reception during opening hours.

KITCHEN TAP WATER: Please note that kitchen water is drinkable.

Borgo Grondaie, Reception