Borgo Grondaie blends summer with wellbeing!

Among the various facilities of Borgo Grondaie lies the pool: the perfect location to relax after a long day spent strolling around the tiny little streets of the medieval centre of Siena. The Borgo’s pool, perfectly set between the heart of the meadows and the olive trees, lays close to both the apartments and the hotel rooms. It is open every day during summer and offers a peculiar feature: it’s a salt water pool.

Swimming pool

The advantages of having a salt water pool are multiple, and mainly stand in fact that there is chloramines but you do not feel it. Do you recall the disagreeable feeling on the skin coming out of a swimming pool? Now imagine doing the same thing without having that unpleasant sensation eye irritation. How does it feel? It is nice, isn’t it? Our pool can guarantee that! No more “chlorine” smell on your skin!

As back as in the Greek era, mankind knew that the salt is healthy for the skin: it helps to clean it, it is optimally exfoliating and detoxifies too. Its moisturizing effect helps the cellular regeneration and can help with various diseases, such as the eczema or the asthma too.

How does a Salt water pool work? They draw on dissolved salt in the water pool to generate chlorine. Thanks to an electronic devicewhich makes a process called electrolysis to break down the salt also known as sodium chloride (NaCl) in the water. The chemical reaction produces chlorine in the form of sodium hypochlorite and that’s why water is disinfected and sanitized with the same agents used in a non-salt water pool. Moreover the presence of salt in the water can avoid adding chemical products,such as the anti-seaweed, essential to the maintenance of the water integrity.

salt water pool

A Salt water pool is not actually chlorine free but thanks to the presence of salt can be healthier for your skin avoiding its reddening, the dryness or the opacity. Tissues’ fading and both the nausea and the vile smell are avoided as well.

The thalassotherapy is available too at our pool: this therapy can be wickedly useful in case of joint pain, arthrosis, or rachitic issues. It also help to solve some skin’s problem like eczemas, psoriasis or dermatitis.

The mineral salts of the water help reactivating the metabolism and the blood flow, fighting the skin aging and the cellulitis by cutting toxic substances out. Salt can be also useful to fight insomnia and stress back.

What are you waiting for then?

Come to Borgo Grondaie and blend your summer with happiness! We are all waiting for you!

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