How Wifi works

Borgo Grondaie has the RETE IVO network coverage which is the same of the city of Siena. How wifi works? You can get FREE WIFI connection in Siena and here at Borgo Grondaie using the same credentials. In this way you can safetly surf and share your pictures saving your Giga.

Wifi password

Upon arrival you will get the RETE IVO WIFI CARD with USERNAME AND PASSWORD to get the WIFI connection. You will need 1 card for each device (smartphone, tablet, computer, WIFI connected portable electronic games). So if you are a family with children and have got 2 smartphone and 1 tablet you will need 3 WIFI cards.

Passwords are valid for 7 days. For longer stays please do not hesitate to ask for more cards at reception. As Rete Ivo is a Safe connection System, we advise to take the password with you, or alternatively, if your device allows it, momorise it because every 15 minutes of inactivity, the system will log off for security reasons.

Please follow these steps to get WIFI connection:

How wifi works – Rete IVO wifi is available
Home Page Rete IVO
  • Check your device is not offline
  • Then Turn on the WIFI
  • Choose Rete IVO among the available WIFI connections
  • When you get this home page for Rete IVO put username and password from your card to get the connection.

Please note that if your phone is Android, the system normally allows you to store the password. Otherwise if you are Apple the system of your phone will not allow you to save your password for security reasons (to protect your private data such as credit card, email etc.) and therefore you have to enter the password every time you need to login.

WIFI RETE IVO is Free and available also in SIENA.

Whenever you find Rete IVO you can get connection with same credentials. Sometimes due to network problems, the main router might get blocked and the wifi connection might be a bit weak. Please contact the Reception for any problems. Usually with a simple reset of the system the Wifi works immediately well!

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