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      If you are planning to get to Siena by car, it is important to know in advance  “Where you can park” and also “where free parking in Siena”. This is especially important to avoid fines, very easy to get in italian towns and  very annoying when you are on holidays. Like most of the Italian Cities, Siena has a ZTL area (limited traffic area)  which covers the entire historical center. It’s  impossible, if not equipped with special permission or with a licensed taxi, to enter the centre with your own car.The cameras are located everywhere in Siena and get the plate number.Definitively you are not allowed to park in the Campo Square! But no worries  …  distances in Siena are still very tight, so leaving the car outside the city walls means walking for about 10 minutes. Just to give you an idea of distances: Borgo Grondaie  is located 1,5 kms away from Siena, you can park your car in our property and get to the city centre on foot in about 20 minutes To reach more quickly and comfortably (some comes with escalators) all the  Monuments in Siena, you can park your car in the multi-storey car parks at the city gates: Porta Tufi – Parking il CampoPorta di Fontebranda – Parking Santa Caterina – escalator to Duomo CathedralPorta Ovile – Parking San Francesco – escalator to San Francesco BasilicPorta San Marco – Parking il Duomo But this top service is not free at all  and actually it is pretty expensive: Euro 2,00 per hour. Stadio and Fortezza Parking Lot are free from 8 pm to 8 am. Other paid parking spaces are located in the Stadium area . This is a car park when not used for sports events. Better to check in advance if there are any football matches otherwise the area is off limit for cars. In addistion to this, the Medici Fortress and other parking lots along the street of San Prospero which is the road leading to the Stadium. If you wish to spend a whole day in Siena parking your car in a paid parking becomes  considerably expensive! For this reason we would like to recommend you, as we are locals, some lesser-known parks where you can leave your car safely and without incurring in fines. SIENA WHERE TO PARK FREE OF CHARGES: 800 mt away from Campo square there is the  Porta Laterina Parking – you enter from Porta San Marco on one side of the Medici Forteress there is the Campino Parking – pretty big and close to city centre there is even a parking lot along the walls just outside  Porta Camollia (via Don Minzoni) or  a tiny parking in  San Prospero before the bar on the turning make a right. Railway Station underground parking  (not the one inside the Commercial centre Porta Siena) it costs Euro 2 per day and then you can easily get buses to city centre If you choose to leave your car on the road, watch out for the signs! Some car parks are marked in blue as if they were paid but they are reserved parking for residents (ARU) and you need a special permission to park there. However parking problem in Siena is easily solved  leaving your car outside the city walls, getting a bit further away and usind public transport. Unlike many downtown hotels that do not have parking, Borgo Grondaie offers a large private parking. Moreover you can have the possibility to reach the center using public transport but also on foot in just 20 minutes. Check out our best offer on our webisite www.hotelsienaborgogrondaie.com if you are coming to Siena-Tuscany See you soon! Borgo's Team

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    Welcome to Borgo Grondaie and the beautiful city of Siena! It will be our task to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In the following pages we have included some useful information and our tips for visiting Siena and its surroundings. We are always available to book restaurants, organize tours and tastings...you just have to ask. We apologize in advance if at the Borgo Grondaie you will not find everything perfect, we are human and we can have some forgetfulness in addition to a few days a bit so... So please tell us without fear what is not to your liking to allow us to intervene and make your stay more comfortable. For any need we are always available at 0577332539 or during the opening hours of the Reception. Thanks for choosing us... Enjoy your stay in Siena! The Staff of Borgo Grondaie WE CARE ABOUT ENVIRONMENT  Borgo Grondaie has always selected the best local products for its guests, giving priority to certified organic and biodynamic farms in the area that add quality and safety to our breakfast. We pay the same attention to the choice of detergents for the cleaning of the rooms with a high hygienic power, but a low environmental impact. If you have chosen Borgo Grondaie for its philosophy and for the beautiful nature that surrounds it, help us to protect it too: - Before leaving the room, remember to turn off the lights and make sure that the water taps are turned off.  - Towels are changed daily for guests staying at the hotel, but if you feel that you do not need them, please do not leave the towels on the floor so that they are not replaced. - The laundry room is available to our guests with two washing machines and a dryer. On sunny days, take advantage of the terrace to dry your laundry. - If you stay in the apartment, we thank you if you will make your contribution during your holiday by recycling waste. That is why there are two bins in the kitchen:1 Bin is for plastic / glass / cans / tetra Pak / aluminium -1 Bin is for general waste We ask you to pay attention to the labels on the lids and the colours of the bags (white for plastic) Once they are full, just have to bring bags to the Reception during opening hours. Warning: do not take them to the big garbage bins along the road where the Coop supermarket is located as they can be opened only with an electronic cards. New waste bags can be found in one of the kitchen drawers. HOW DOES THE WIFI WORK  Here are the few steps how to activate the WIFI connection: Check that the device is not offline Turn on the WIFI Choose WIFI GUESTS from the available WIFI connections or select the dedicated Hotspot on the floor of your room or apartment. The device connects automatically, but requires authentication. When you get this homepage enter the password in the space reserved for Guest Access to get the connection  Borgo Grondaie is Social! Share your pics on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. #borgogrondaie FACILITIES AND ACTIVITIES  Borgo Grondaie is the ideal place to relax while walking in our gardens, 4 hectares of lawns and an olive grove of 100 olive trees where you can also meet the typical wild animals of the Tuscan countryside such as roe deer, hares, squirrels and badgers as well as enjoy nature with the ancient trees and their organic fruits. BAR – open only for drinks with table service outside the terrace or takeaway service. RECEPTION – open at reduced hours, but always available by calling +390577332539 Emergency numbers are written on the reception door. BREAKFAST – breakfast is served on the terrace or in the room. Please let us know your preferences by filling in this FORM. Breakfast could be included or not in the rate. Please, check in your reservation. POOL - open from June 15th to the end of October from 8am to 8pm. The Anti Covid Regulations are displayed at the entrance to the pool area. Free pool towels available. BARBECUE – available free of charge for the guests of the apartments. Information at the reception. Reservation required.  And for the more sporty… MTB BIKES – Free and available to guests 5 MTB cut man and 2 for children E-BIKE FOR RENT  in cooperation with Tourissimo, cost Euro 25 ½ day and Euro 40 full day. Reservation required. Possibility of guided tours with expert guides and picnic lunch included. LINKS  USEFUL NUMBERS TAXI +39057749222 TRAINS  (www.trenitalia.com)   892021 TOURIST OFFICE  (Piazza del Duomo, 2)    +390577280551 CAR RENTALS HERTZ – Viale Sardegna, 14   (www.hertz.it)   +39057745085 AVIS – Via Simone Martini, 36   (www.avisautonoleggio.it)    +390577270305 NATIONAL AND INTERNATION MAILING SERVICE (www.ups.com)   +390230303039 PHARMACIES in SIENA IF YOU NEED TO FIND OUT WHICH PHARMACY IS NO DUTY YOU CAN EITHER CALL THIS PHONE 00390577367773 OR CHECK THIS WEBSITE https://www.farmaciediturno.org/comune.asp?cod=52032 The closest Pharmacy to Borgo Grondaie is the one at the Railway Station in Piazzale Rosselli. Farmacia Comunale N. 3 Piazza Rosselli, 3 (Stazione FFSS) 0039057749349  OPEN DAILY 8 am - 9 pm all week round TIMETABLE OF HOLY MASSES IN SIENA MAIN CHURCHES SATURDAY AND EVE OF FESTIVITIES:6 pm - S. DomenicoSUNDAY AND FESTIVITIESBasilic Osservanza: 8.30 am - 11 am- 6 pmCathedral: 8 am- 11am 12.15am - 6pm(orario invernale) - 18.30pm (orario estivo)Basilic San Domenico: 10.30am - 12am- 6pm For more information and more churches check here: MESSES TIMETABLE   WHERE TO EAT? Our favorite restaurants, according to your needs IN SIENA La Compagnia dei Vinattieri: Tel. +390577236568 – Via delle Terme, 79. We love their ‘brasato di manzo’ (braised beef)  and low temperature octopus and in general the creative touch of the dishes on offer. Tables also outdoors. Enzo: Tel. +390577281277 - Via Camollia, 49. We like it because all dishes are freshly made and this is why it's not recommended if you're in a hurry. Once bitten two shy! Both meat and fish menus are great and the latter not at all ordinary.   Sale Fino: Tel. +390577287224 - Via degli Umiliati, 1. We like it for their refined menu with local products. Osteria Permalico: Tel. +39057741105 - Costa Larga, 4. We like it for the variety of sauces combined with ‘pici’. Tables also outdoors. La Taverna di San Giuseppe: Tel. +39057742286 – Via Dupré 132. To eat an excellent ‘Fiorentina’. La Taverna del Capitano: Tel. +390577288094 - Via del Capitano, 8. This restaurant won the 2021 edition of the cooking show in TV ‘4 Ristoranti’ in Siena hosted by Alessandro Borghese. It is located a stone's throw from the Duomo. Local cuisine and genuine. Tables also outdoors. Osteria Le Sorelline: Tel. +39057742148 - Via dei Rossi, 76. We already knew Marco - the chef - and Caterina for their gastronomy where now there is their restaurant. Local cuisine, here you will find from pici to tagliatelle to tripe to fried brain to ‘Fiorentina’ to name just a few. SUSHI BAR: Tel. +39057741128 – Via Domenico Beccafumi, 10. The first sushi restaurant opened in Siena and still the best in our opinion. Tables also outdoors. Ristorante L'Orto & Un Quarto: Tel. +390577236223 - Strada di Montalbuccio, 118. We like their proposal of natural cuisine. Tip: if you go for dinner we recommend that you arrive in time to watch the sunset. It’s amazing! Tables also outdoors. Osteria degli Svitati: Tel. +390577601755 - Via della Galluzza. A proposal of typical Tuscan cuisine accompanied by the courtesy of the owner. For local dishes with good value for money we recommend: Osteria Enoteca Sotto Le Fonti: Tel. +393471683740 – Via Esterna di Fontebranda, 118 Osteria Nonna Gina: Tel. +390577287247 – Pian dei Mantellini, 2. Tables also outdoors. Antica Trattoria Papei: Tel. +390577280894 – Piazza del Mercato, 6. Tables also outdoors. Hostaria Rialto: Tel. +390577236580 – Via del Rialto, 4 Osteria Babazuf: Tel. +390577222482 – Via Pantaneto, 85 Osteria Il Vinaio: Tel. +39057749615 - Via Camollia 167 RESTAURANTS NEAR BORGO GRONDAIE Near the Antiporto di Camollia (where arrives the Escalator we recommend to reach the center of Siena by walk) if you don't want to go too far from the hotel: Premiata Braceria Toscana: Tel. +390577247054 - Piazzale Rosselli, 19 I Gabellieri: Tel. +39057744683 - Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 75. Both restaurant and pizzeria. All'Osteria: Tel. +393917647509 - Viale Cavour, 7. Only restaurant. Tiny place. For when you prefer to stay at the hotel, here are our suggestions for home delivery: La Pizzeria di San Miniato: Tel. +390577331050 Ristorante Pizzeria Tia Loca: Tel. +39057745055 Or you can download the Glovo App and do your order. SIENA COUNTRYSIDE La Taverna di Vagliagli: Tel. +390577322532 – Vagliagli (SI). For the excellent grilled meat. Osteria di Fonterutoli: Tel. +390577741125 – Castellina in Chianti (SI). For a fantastic view of the Chianti hills and also in case you want to combine a visit to their Winery. Osteria del Castello di Brolio: Tel. +390577730290 – Gaiole in Chianti (SI). If you want to combine a visit to their Ricasoli Winery and the gardens of their Castle with a magnificent view of the vineyards. Ristorante AntoniMax: Tel. +393470485649 - Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI). To breathe the atmosphere of a small medieval village from its beating heart, the Piazza Marconi where the restaurant is located. Local cuisine with a creative touch. GOURMET RESTAURANTS IN SIENA Ristorante Mugolone: Tel. +390577283235 – Via dei Pellegrini, 8/12 Ristorante Campo Cedro: Tel. +390577236027 - Via Pian D'Ovile, 54 Ristorante Tar-Tufo: Tel. +390577284031 – Via del Sole, 6° Ristorante Particolare di Siena: Tel. +393398275430 - Via Baldassarre Peruzzi, 26 GOURMET RESTAURANTS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE Osteria Il Granaio: Tel. +390577726975 - Rapolano Terme (SI) And then, what you do not expect: in Villa a Sesta, a village in Chianti that has less than a hundred inhabitants, there are two starred restaurants (one for more than twenty years the other for just over two years) to twenty meters away from each other. It's unbelievable, doesn't it? They are called: Ristorante Bottega del 30: Tel. +390577 359226 - Via di Santa Caterina, 2 Ristorante L’Asinello: Tel. +390577359279 - Via Nuova, 6 Thank you for choosing us! If you come back to Siena, come back and visit us.In the meantime, keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...to keep up to date with the latest news. Did you take lots of photos during your holiday? Share them on social media using #borgogrondaie and on travel sites, such as Tripadvisor, to tell other travellers about your experience. If you want to come back to visit us, on our website you will find many special offers reserved for our regular customers ... It's not goodbye, but goodbye :-) See you soon...   Hotel Borgo Grondaie strada delle Grondaie 15 – 53100 Siena Telefono: 0039.0577.332539 Fax: 0577.335761 info@hotelsienaborgogrondaie.com www.hotelsienaborgogrondaie.com